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Sustainable Seas and Brig Tre Kronor Seminar

Today Crown Princess Victoria took part in the Sustainable Seas and Brig Tre Kronor Seminar discussing the UN Sustainability - Agenda 2030 - Goals and why they are important for the Baltic Sea. 



This is not the first time we saw Victoria attending something for Sustainable Seas- we saw her at a seminar in September. She is their patron and they host this seminar with Tre Brigs Kronor annually for the past 6 years and, if my memory serves me correctly, Victoria has attended every year. 

You can see more photos here. Victoria wore a new suit from Tiger of Sweden which she paired with her tan af Klingberg Rakel boots and her blue Valentino Rockstud Bag. I would need to see a good close up of her earrings to confirm but they look like they could be her Sophie by Sophie hoops. 

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