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2 Meetings for Princess Sofia!

Well I am finally getting the time to check the royal news for the day/week and much to my surprise, Princess Sofia attended two meetings over the last two days.



Yesterday, she attended with Prince Carl Philip the monthly meeting for their Prinsparet Fund at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. 

Today, Princess Sofia attended a business lunch at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. This lunch meeting was organized by CEO Veronica Ericsson Laakso and was attended by 12 female entrepreneurs from varying business sectors. Sofia was invited because of her connection with Project Playground, the foundation which she helped to co-found in 2011. During the lunch, the ladies discussed the topic of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

For today's outfit, Sofia wore a new jacket from Ted Baker and earrings from Caroline Gynnings. I am still looking for her shoes and bag and when I find them I will update the post. Huge thanks to our fabulous friends @princessansofia and Laura on Twitter for finding these two items! Her top and trousers come from the Swedish brand, StyleIn. 

I will close by making the disclaimer that this week is beyond crazy for me- I am working 20+ hours this week on top of my typical school load and extra curricular commitments, so be patient with me as I get these posts up. They will probably be shorter in length and not is prompt but after this week we should be all set for the rest of the year! 

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