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Christmas Trees at the Palace

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Victoria was joined by a very special guest to receive the Christmas Trees at the Royal Palace- Princess Estelle came with her! Receiving the trees from the students of the forestry studies program at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a yearly tradition for the Royal family and nothing that Princess Estelle isn't accustomed to. She has joined Victoria 3 times in the past 4 years! 



There were a total of 7 trees brought to the palace. The King and Queen received the large one and then their three children each received 2- one for their family and one for their children!

For this annual event, Estelle looked lovely in one of Victoria's old dresses. Victoria rewore an outfit which if you think back far enough you may remember. She wore almost the identical outfit 2 years ago when receiving the trees! This time she did not wear the coat and instead her Red Prada dress was quite prominent against the backdrop of the firs. She again paired it with her Acne pumps. 

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