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First Day in Italy: Victoria & Daniel

Today Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel began their 3 day long visit to Italy. The purpose of this trip is to promote health and cultural issues as well as supporting Swedish businesses. They began their visit by meeting with the President of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy, Laura Boldrini. 

Joining along side Victoria and Daniel is the Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training- Anna Ekström. 

After their meeting, Laura Boldrini showed the couple the Women's Hall- Sala delle donne. 

Their next point on their agenda was to visit the Birgitta Sisters House in the heart of Rome. They were able to talk to Mother Fabia and Mother Telka- the current and former General Abbess of Rome. 

Following this visit, Daniel and Victoria were given the chance to visit the project AS Roma, Football Together- a club football/soccer group which offers the opportunity for those with physical disabilities to receive professional coaching. They strive to promote not only the children's physical wellbeing but also their social and mental wellbeing as well. Victoria also received a uniform with her name on it which she looked beyond thrilled by! 

Finally this evening Victoria and Daniel attended a celebration of the Swedish Holiday- St. Lucia Day (December 13th) at the Ambassador's Residence. 

Photo: Svenska Kyrkan i Roma

Photo: Svenska Kyrkan i Roma

Photo: Svenska Kyrkan i Roma

Photo: Svenska Kyrkan i Roma

Now onto the fashion! Victoria continued the mission of the trip, supporting Swedish businesses) by choosing to wear Swedish designers for this trip. For the day part of the trip she wore a new dress from Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden bag, Acne pumps, and Kreuger Jewellery Poppy earrings. When she was at the football club, she changed into her af Klingberg tan booties. I also spotted a Corrine & Friends hair accessory around her ponytail. 

For the evening reception she changed into a new Anna Holtblad dress (in Black Rose) which she paired with her custom H&M clutch and Dolce & Gabbana shoes. She wore new earrings, gold cuffs, and hair accessory from Charlotte Bonde.

UPDATED: Day 2+3 in Italy: Victoria and Daniel

Christmas Trees at the Palace