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Guest Blogger: Steal Victoria's Style!

Today I have the pleasure of handing over the pen to one of my dear friends Jessica. She is the brains behind Dress Like A Princess and loves the Swedes! I suggest you bookmark her page if you, like me, love the Swedish Ladies Style but unfortunately don't have a budget as large as they do! So without further ado... Here is Jess! 

July 14th marks one of the highlights of the Swedish royal family’s calendar: Victoriadagen. The event takes place every year on the island of Öland and celebrates the birthday of the Crown Princess. The future Queen was first presented to the public at the family’s home on the island, Solliden, when she was an infant and her birthday celebrations have taken place there ever since.

The event begins with a meet and greet at the family home featuring the King, Queen, and the Crown Princess family. The King leads four cheers for his daughter before she spends several hours mingling with the public. The rest of the family then join them for a concert in the evening featuring some of Sweden’s most popular artists.

I could post a million photographs of this event as Victoria is my all time favourite royal and Victoriadagen is one of my favourite royal events, but I’ll try to focus on the fashion. You can see more pictures and commentary at my general royal blog @duchessofostergotlands under the Victoriadagen tag.

So let’s head straight in to the fashion. Victoria’s fashion at this event is usually fairly predictable. She favours summer dresses in block colours and floral patterns, often paired with a lightweight cardigan and neutral shoes

This year she threw off the cardigan but kept to the signature Vikkan style for the rest of her outfit. Her dress and belt came from Ralph Lauren. The dress is the brand’s Eva Sablé dress which is currently selling on Lyst for a pricey (but reduced) £1022. If you have that kind of cash lying around you can find it here. The feminine dress is short sleeved and has a distinctive ruffled neckline. For my copy cat piece I’ve picked the skater dress with frill details from Asos. The sleeves on this piece are shorter but they share the distinctive ruffle v-neck collar, while the Asos piece retails for just £38 ($49).

The original dress doesn’t come with a belt but luckily we have an affordable copycat version. The designer of the dress, Ralph Lauren, have a ‘double equestrian’ stretch belt in tan selling for £22 ($28.80) which would work perfectly with the Asos dress. 

Finally, Victoria finished off the outfit with a pair of brown shoes. The wedges came from Zara and are selling for an affordable £29.99 ($49.90), which means you can pick up an exact copy. They are still on sale right now but are sure to sell out fast so pick them up ASAP.

If you guys liked this kind of post- go and check out Jess's blog! She covers outfits of all the European Royal Ladies and does such a great job finding pieces! Thanks Jess for sharing your wisdom with you and helping the rest of us dress like Victoria on a smaller budget! 

(Surprise) Summer Photocall

Grattis Victoria!