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(Surprise) Summer Photocall

As I am sure many of you are aware by now, the Swedish Royal Family held a secret/surprise Photo Call the day after Victoria's birthday at Solliden. (I apologize for not posting sooner but I am not feeling well and decided to sleep) The entire family was in attendance with even a sighting of the King's dog Brandie. While the photos did not get released until today, one lucky visitor to Solliden on July 15th did catch a photo of the King and Queen.  

Photo originally posted by @kristinani1 - click to be redirected to original

Photo originally posted by @kristinani1 - click to be redirected to original

In the back of the Jeep you can see Brandie (the King and Queen's dog) and Siri (Carl Philip and Sofia's dog). 

While the court (surprisingly) has not released any photos of the session- besides for an Instagram collage- Expressen has put this following video on Youtube. 

I do not believe I have ever had to do a post with so many different people to identify fashion for so we best get started! 

Starting with Victoria we see her wearing a new skirt from H&M- while I cannot find the skirt online currently (and am waiting to hear back from their press department whether it was bespoke or sold out), there are still some pieces in the same fabric available (Such as this dress, top, or shorts). She wore her wedges from Zara, her Dulong Luna necklace, and a pair of Dulong Kharisma earrings. I suspect her top to be from H&M yet but I do not see it online so I will need to do some more investigating. 

Estelle wore a dress that many of you will remember Leonore wearing in Gotland, from Livly. Her shoes look to be from Livly as well. 

Oscar wore a pale blue knit bodysuit featuring a front pocket and grey shoe- neither of which have been identified yet. 

Moving along to Sofia, her shoes appear to be from Castaner- a white version of the pair she wore to Victoria's Birthday Celebration, and Laura identified her top as being from Etolie Isabel Marant. Alexander wore a grey sweater from Petit Bateau (Thanks Attire of a Princess). 

Next up is Princess Madeleine and her family! Madeleine wore a new top from Valentino for the photo along with her wedges from Vince. Leonore wore a pale blue striped dress (not identified yet) and her Pretty Ballerina flats. Nicolas wore a blue shirt (again not identified) and sneakers from Ralph Lauren

This post will be updated as more pieces are identified but I expect that to happen later today. Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes on Twitter and helped to put together this post- your contributions are greatly appreciated! 

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