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Today was a very busy day for our favorite royals! This morning, Madeleine attended the UN's Panel discussion focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals with respect to Ending Children's Sexual Violence. Many of you are aware that back in 1999, Queen Silvia founded World Childhood Foundation. Childhood is a different sort of charity, instead of raising money to fund their own initiatives, they raise money to assist in funding initiatives that were already in effect. 

From Princess Madeleine's Facebook

From Princess Madeleine's Facebook

Princess Madeleine has taken to her mother's foundation and when she lived in New York City she worked as a Project Manager. She has co-founded (alongside Karini Gustafson-Teixeria) 2 initiatives- Thank You Campaign and Eyes Wide Open. While most of the panel at the UN involved Madeleine just listening to what the various selected speakers had to say, she did have a few comments to make afterwards. You can see most of these comments on this video I posted on my Twitter page. (I videotaped my computer screen with my phone which is why the quality is not great)  This evening she will attend the second annual Thank You Gala for Childhood.

From Princess Madeleine's Facebook

From Princess Madeleine's Facebook

As I mentioned before, Madeleine attended the Second Annual World Childhood Thank You Gala. At tonight's program, there was an auction (including a dinner for 8 with Princess Madeleine at Marcus Samuelsson's newest Red Rooster in London which was sold for $20,000!) as well as celebrities including Andrea Bocelli, Malin Akerman, and Forest Whitaker. 

Back in Sweden, the Royal Couple, the Crown Princess Couple, and the Prince Couple joined together to hold the Sverigemiddag. This dinner is given once a year since its start in 2013. The King and Queen invite a variety of Swedes from all the counties who have made a contribution to society in some area or another. In previous year there were farmers, sports players, and leaders just to give you a few ideas of who is invited. This dinner is held to recognize their work but also to give the royal family a chance to hear about what is going on in the areas they come from. This dinner is not to be confused with Representationsmiddags which tend to be held twice a year. The Representationsmiddags are a more formal occasion where the jewels are pulled out. The Sverigemiddag is a less formal affair and there are no jewels or orders. Cocktail or long dresses may be worn and in the past the family has split it up so at least one person is wearing a short dress. I found it strange that they did not do that this year. 

Sorry for the lack of great photos- I am working with what I can find! Now because we have covered the important details of what each event is, let's move to the fashion. Starting with Princess Madeleine this morning, She wore a new white top featuring a collar with button details. If anyone has any ideas about it please pass them along! She carried her black Celine bag and wore her Dior Front-Back Pearl earrings. 

At the Sverigemiddag, Victoria wore an old blue pleated tiered dress from Ann-Sofie Back. I believe this makes the third time she has worn it, the most notable time that I can recall is when she wore it during her pregnancy with Estelle. She carried an old (unidentified but I suspect YSL) clutch, floral crystal earrings, and black heels. I have yet to see a great photo to figure out which shoes they are. Sofia wore her black Kay Senchai gown and that is all I know about her outfit! Her earrings are diamond earrings first seen earlier this year around the time of Alexander's birth, she appeared to carry a black Diane von Furstenberg clutch, and I haven't seen a photo of her shoes. 

Back in New York, Madeleine also kept with the night's theme of repeating some older pieces. She donned a silver Jenny Packham gown, which she paired with a silver Marchesa clutch and her Baroque Pearl earrings. 

Day 1 in New York for Victoria

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