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UPDATED: Prince Alexander's Christening

Note: As always, this post will be updated throughout the day with new photos, identifications, and news. 

The big day is finally here! Royalists are up early, live coverage has begun thanks to Expressen, and we await the arrival of the family! An hour or so before the start of the christening, Royal Photographer, Rookie, posted this photo of Sofia and Alexander arriving. 

In this photo Sofia is wearing her Gant Braid Print dress, which she first wore in Varmland last year. Her hair is up as it will be for the christening and I suspect that the headband in her hair is there to stay for the rest of the day. Many of us were hoping for a real hat but I guess we must accept that it is what she feels comfortable in. 

The royals should arrive around 6am EST /12:00 in Stockholm. The royal family arrived in full force with all 5 grandchildren in attendance along with their parents. There were plenty of cute family moments throughout the service with Oscar and Alexander playing together, Estelle and Leonore sharing a chair, and children being passed around (not to a great extent but still it happened). One of my favorite moments of the day was when after being given his Order of Seraphim from his Grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Alexander refused to let go of the King's hand. Once he managed to get his finger out of Alexander's grip, Alexander decided he would eat his sash. Many tried to persuade him otherwise but he would not be swayed! 

Getting to the fashion! It was an array of pinks, blues, whites, and greens from the family. Estelle and Victoria matched in color and Leonore and Madeleine went for the same color scheme. Sofia also matched Alexander's christening gown! 

Screenshot from SVTPlay's Broadcast

Screenshot from SVTPlay's Broadcast

Crown Princess Victoria is wearing a dress from Elie Saab and Kreuger Jewellery earrings. Her shoes are a new pair from Gianvito Rossi. She completed her look with a custom made headband from Malinda Damgaard. 

Princess Madeleine is wearing a dress from Erdem with a pair of black Gianvito Rossi heels. She wore a new pair of blue pave egg earrings. If anyone has any ideas about designers- please let me know! She wore a blue bow at the top of her chignon which was made by Malinda Damgaard. 

Princess Sofia is wearing a white lace suit custom made by Swedish Designer Ida Sjöstedt with new shoes, and her Engelbert Gold Creole hoop earrings. On her right wrist I noticed she had on her horseshoe bracelet from Sophie by Sophie. Sofia chose to wear a headband instead of a hat which I must say I can understand if you are wrangling a baby, trying not to fall while wearing heels on cobblestone, and also trying not to trip over one of the 4 other children moving around! A reader over at Order of Splendor found her headband to be from Yonotme. Her shoes are a custom made pair from Stinaa.J.- they feature a small platform and ankle straps.

Princess Estelle matched her mom by wearing a coral colored Tartine et Chocolat dress with matching shoes. She, however, was not the only one in her family to wear this brand, Prince Oscar also wore a set from Tartine et Chocolat.  Estelle's shoes come from Bonpoint. (Thanks to Attire of a Princess for finding these) It appears that Estelle wore a necklace from her mother's favorite brand, Kreuger Jewellery as well. (On a point of interest, the designer behind Kreuger Jewellery is one of Victoria's closest friends). Oscar's shoes come from the brand Pom D'Api which is far from a new brand to the family- Estelle has at least 8 pairs of shoes from this brand. Oscar's shoes are grey but much to Attire of a Princess and my trying- we cannot locate a photo of them in this color so white will have to do for now. 

Princess Leonore was dressed in a green pastel dress featuring flower embroidery. Her outfit was completed by a pair of gold ballet flats from Gallucci. Prince Nicolas also wore a pair of blue shoes from the same brand. (Found by Attire of a Princess)

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