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2016 Comes to a Close!

Happy New Year / Gott Nytt År! 



In honor of the New Year, the Royal Family shared a photo of the entire family which was taken in July at Solliden Slott in Öland. It is always a good day when we get a photo of the entire family and this photo did not disappoint! 

Unfortunately there are not too many identifications for the leading ladies in our picture but we do have quite a few for the children! Princess Sofia wore a new dress from Topshop Unique which was exclusively sold at Net-a-Porter. Crown Princess Victoria wore a dress she was first photographed wearing at Alexander's Christening rehearsal which comes from Zadig and Voltaire, her earrings are from Dulong Jewelry. Princess Madeleine wore a new blue dress (that I have decided should find its way to my closet) and Valentino Sandals

Starting from left to right, Princess Leonore wore a dress from the British retailers Trotters and her Pretty Ballerina ballet flats. Prince Nicolas is wearing the same (unidentified) outfit he wore during the 15 July photoshoot with his Ralph Lauren shoes. Prince Oscar is also wearing the same knit bodysuit that he wore during the photoshoot and is wearing Pomp d'Api shoes. Princess Estelle is wearing her Charabia Paris lace Tina dress from their SS14 collection. Finally Prince Alexander wore a bodysuit from the Swedish brand, How to Kiss a Frog. Huge thanks to @Modefördasmå and Princess Estelle's Attire for finding all these! 

This year was a very exciting one- both for the royals and for us here at The Royals and I. We purchased out own domain and rebuilt our website- in addition we also launched UFO No More. The entire Swedish Royal Family worked 222 days out of the 366 days this year- that we know of. Their busiest month was October where someone worked 27 days out of the 31 days in that month. I have included my table of days below. I think it is important to note that the family does a lot of work outside of their public appearances that we are not aware of and often they do more than one engagement a day. 

(Known) Days Worked in 2016

(Known) Days Worked in 2016

In addition to calculating the number of days worked by the family, I was curious about the money spent on clothes this year for the entire family. This is a fashion blog so it makes sense to share that information with you all. It is important to note that there are still many unidentified pieces from all three of the adult princesses and custom pieces that we do not know the prices of. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.50.07 PM.png

These numbers reflect not only official engagements but also paparazzi sightings, "fan" photos, and social media pictures. The unknown pieces are not counted in the number of new pieces at the end of the totals. 

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