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Monday Catch Up

I'm back! And just in time as we got a surprise photo opportunity for two of the 5 grandchildren this morning! Yesterday, Tre Kronor (Sweden's Hockey Team) won the Ice Hockey World Championships for the 10th time. The team was invited to the Palace to meet with the Crown Princess Couple and Prince Carl Philip. Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar also joined the couple! 

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In the evening, Victoria attended the annual meeting of the Friends of the Nordic Museum and Skansen in Stockholm. Victoria has been their patron since 1997 and tries attend their annual meeting each year. 

Yesterday, the King and Queen visited the National Museum in Indonesia before beginning the official state visit today. 

Today Crown Princess Victoria wore a black shirt (which I believe is an old H&M piece- possibly custom made for her) and her H&M floral skirt. She paired this with black pumps and Maria Nilsdotter Feather Earrings. She added her red Rizzo Porza Crossbody when attending the annual meeting in the evening. 

Princess Estelle wore a new pink Duchesse dress from Bonpoint (thanks to Princess Estelle Attire for finding this!) and Prince Oscar was most likely wearing the same jersey that Estelle wore in 2013 when the Tre Kronor won the championships last. This jersey was a gift when Victoria was pregnant with Estelle in 2012 (when the team won the championships). His shoes are a white version of these Kavat Edsbro XC which we have seen on Estelle before. Estelle's shoes look to be a pair of Livly Mary Jane shoes. 

Finally for this Monday Wrap-Up I get to do one of my favorite things: Give you a fashion identification for Queen Silvia! Unfortunately the Queen's clothing is very difficult to find so it is not often that I get to share a find with you all but I did manage to find her shirt from the National Museum visit. The shirt comes from Etro and is their Silk Wildlife-Print Button-Up Shirt.

This post marks my return to blogging! I was planning on coming back last week but as some of you know, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly (at least to me) last week so I have taken the week to be with family. I plan to go back and post on some of the events I have missed on days that the royal family has no events planned to stay tuned for those! 

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