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End of the Week Recap

After Crown Princess Victoria's engagements at the beginning of the week, things went quiet- however this evening while doing some Social Media Searching I stumbled upon a picture from a meeting she had on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, she had a meeting with the Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation. This Foundation, which Victoria chairs, supports objectives relating to voluntary defense work around Sweden. Typically because these meetings are held within the Palace walls, they are the only ones who release photos and sadly this time they didn't. However, one of the attendees posted a photo!

Photo posted on Facebook by FVRF Väst

Photo posted on Facebook by FVRF Väst

The lady with Victoria is Ulrika Leijon who was presented Crown Princess Margareta silver medal after the meeting. While I do not know what brands Victoria is wearing, I really like this outfit! All the pieces are old but unidentified. 

On Thursday of this week, the first of a two part documentary with exclusive interview with the Crown Princess was released. Ebba Kleberg von Sydow met Victoria at Haga Palace and got exclusive access. This documentary, Kronprinsessan Victoria 40 år will be online for another few weeks and I highly recommend you watch, even if you do not speak Swedish. I haven't had time to put together a translation yet- but when I do or if someone does quicker than I- I will make sure to share it with you all! The second part of the documentary will be released on the 1st of June. 

Photo: Peter Knutson / TV4

Photo: Peter Knutson / TV4

In the two photos released for the documentary, you can see that Victoria is wearing the new Bessy Jacket from Baum und Pferdgarten and top is a new addition to her closet. It is Rodebjer's Xilla Silk Blouse in a light pink. Her pants are and older pair from By Malina (no longer avaliable) and her boots are her Taupe Rakel boots from af Klingberg

Next week, the first half of the week will be busy for the Royal Family. The Crown Prince Couple are hosting Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary from Denmark for the first half of the week. I can only imagine how much the two families are looking forward to this visit, as not only are the Crown Prince and Victoria cousins, they are also very close. Rumor has it that Princess Estelle's middle name 'Mary' was selected after Crown Princess Mary. 

Updated: Day 1 of Danish Visit to Sweden

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