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UPDATED: Princess Sofia at Sophiahemmet and a Family Wedding

Today, Princess Sofia attended a party for the Sophia Sisters and handed out their graduation medals. Sophia Sisters are graduates of the Sophiahemmet University, a school for nurses to get their education. Once they have graduated to trained nurses they are called Sophiasyster or a "Sophia Sister". You may recall that Princess Sofia took over as Honorary President of the hospital, succeeding her Aunt-in-Law (if you would like to give it a label) Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnusson. Princess Christina was president from 1972 until the beginning of 2016.

For this event, Princess Sofia debuted the Emmie dress from Greta (Thanks Laura!). It features a high neck, flared sleeves, and has a more narrowed silhouette compared to the brands traditional models. She paired it with her Stinaa.J Elsa Nude Pumps (first seen yesterday), Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch, and Engelbert Stockholm Creole Pave Hoop Earrings

News also came out, that this weekend the entire Royal Family attended the wedding of Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson's son Victor to his longtime girlfriend Frida Bergström. 

While I don't have photos of the younger generation of royals, I can share some pictures of the Bride and Groom and the King and Queen. 


From the looks of the pictures the entire family attended as guests. In the first two pictures at the reception, which was held at Confidencen Ulriksdals slottsteater, which is located in Solna, Stockholm- north of Hagaparken. At the reception the opera trio - Divine - preformed and possibly Emanuel Bagge as well. (in my defense, there were a few weddings that took place at Ulriksdal this weekend so I am having a hard time figuring out which artists where at which.) Devine received a standing ovation after their performance and the King was one of the firsts to begin clapping when they finished. The bride wore a vintage inspired dress, much like this one, which bore a striking similarity to Princess Christina's wedding gown (note they are NOT the same) 

Queen Silvia wore what appears to be her Camilla Thulin blue gown and Princess Madeleine wore a new floral maxi dress from Giambattista Valli. She carried her Valentino Rockstud Clutch and what appear to be a pair of Valentino patent pumps as well. Victoria wore a new ensemble from Valerie Aflalo, their Mabel Top and Corn Skirt. I wouldn't have thought to put these two together but it works so well together! The UFO No More team and I originally thought it was a gown. (Thanks to the fabulous PR team at Valerie for informing us otherwise!) Princess Sofia wore a new dress from Ida Sjöstedt. Their PR team informed us that it is their Gigi dress from the AW17 collection. Her clutch is new and comes from the brand Aldo. 

Note: All photos are not mine and came from Public Social Media Accounts. Out of respect for the individuals privacy's I have not attached their names to this post. 

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