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Tour Stockholm: Royal Shopping Edition

While the Swedish Royals have begun their Summer Holidays, I thought this would be the perfect time to write a series of posts talking about various spots in Stockholm that the Royal Family have been known to visit. I expect this series to be a 3 part: Shopping, Dining, and then a site-seeing/miscellaneous category. Disclaimer although I have never been to Stockholm, but I do read a lot about it and try to keep up with the Royal Family's favorite spots and have virtually toured the streets more than I wish to admit! 

Nordiska Kompaniet

First up on our list is NK (Nordiska Kompaniet), where you will find 80% of the Swedish Royal Family's favorite brands. Located on Hamngatan, the department store was opened in 1915 by Josef Sachs and has long been a favorite for many generations. The Royal Armoury in Stockholm has a large archive of the previous generations of Swedish royal's clothes. Queen Louise, King Gustav Adolf, and Princess Sibylla all have items in the Armoury which bare the NK Label. These days, it is a favorite shopping spot for Victoria, Sofia, and Madeleine.

By Holger.Ellgaard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Holger.Ellgaard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are hundred of brands available in NK as well as a variety of different services that you can spoil yourself with. With services such as Personal Shopping, Hair Dressers, Makeup Artists and Consultants, Tailoring, Catering, and Florist- NK is really your one-stop shop for all things in Stockholm. Madeleine and Victoria's favorite gown designer, Fadi el Khoury, is also exclusively available at NK's Rosenrumment. And while you are checking out all the fabulous brands and services available, keep your eyes open- you just might run into one of your favorite royals while browsing for a new addition to your wardrobe! 


Next up on our list is probably a store not too many of you have heard of here on the blog, but it is an old favorite for the family. Marzio is an Italian Shoe Store located on Nybrogatan and while we don't see the royals wear this brand everyday- I still catch them slipping into the brand from time to time. The Swedish Press has reported shopping sprees Madeleine and Victoria have had here during their sale events and even Princess Birgitta has been seen carrying a shopping bag from the store. Just last summer Queen Silvia was spotted wearing a pair of their house-brand flats


Rizzo is a name that I am sure more of you are familiar with compared to Marzio as it has been seen on the blog more often. We first started to see the store's house brand pop up on the feet of the family about two years ago, however it has been a long favorite. Not only does the store carry the house brand, but they also have a selection of other brands in stock so you are sure to find the right pair of shoes for any occasion. 

Even More!

Below you will find a walking map including these stores, plus a few other favorites on the way! Stay tuned for a future post about dining which would be a great compliment to a day of shopping in Stockholm! If you have any must-visit places in Stockholm, leave them in the comments! 

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