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Funeral for Alice Trolle Wachtmeister

Today the royal family is attending the private funeral service for longtime family friend and Royal Court employee Alice Trolle Wachtmeister. 

Alice passed away peacefully on 26 June peacefully at her home Trolle Ljungby Castle at the age of 91. She served in her roll as Mistress of the Robes, the highest female position in the Swedish Royal Court from 1994 until December 2015. Before this she served as First Lady of the Court and the head of the Queen's Household since 1978. In this role, she was one of the first, outside of the family, to see each of the newborn children.

She has been a close advisor and an invaluable friend of the family. Alice once said that she tried to leave her position as Mistress of the Robe multiple times, however the King refused to let her. He finally gave in 2015 when it became clear that due to her bone disease and age, she could not follow the family daily any longer. At that time she said that she would still be available by phone to offer advice and support to the royal family, which they took her up on many times. It is clear that the entire Royal Family held her in high regard and this is reflected in both the King and Crown Princess' statements released about her passing. 

It is with great sadness that I and Queen received the news. Alice was a very close friend to us and to our family. With its warmth, loyalty and wisdom she has always been a great support. Our thoughts are with her husband, Count Hans-Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister, and to their families.
— King Carl XVI Gustaf
As long as I can remember, Alice has been a support for my family and me personally. Alice was a rare intelligent and warm person that I’m glad I got to know. She leaves a big gap.
— Crown Princess Victoria

The funeral service was held today at 13:00 at Trolle Ljungby Church in Skåne. All the (adult) family members, except for Chris, were in attendance.  (Chris had some prearranged business meetings) The King and Queen left from Solliden via car this morning with Victoria and Daniel following not too far behind them. It is believed that Carl Philip, Sofia, and Madeleine came from Stockholm. Princess Benedikte of Denmark was also in attendance. 

For this funeral, Victoria rewore an Alberto Biani lace suit from his Spring 2005 collection. She carried an old clutch and used old black satin pumps. Madeleine and Sofia both opted for new black dresses, and a corresponding jacket for Madeleine. Madeleine carried her Marc Jacobs clutch with her Jimmy Choo pumps while Sofia used her black crocodile bag from Mix & Match, with Stinaa.J pumps. 

Updated: Happy Birthday Victoria!

Updated: Happy Birthday Victoria!

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