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Happy Birthday Victoria: Day 2!

Happy Birthday Victoria: Day 2!

This morning, the Crown Princess Family was joined by the King and Queen outside of Solliden Palace to greet the Public. This tradition of greeting the public began 35+ years ago and has grown ever since. 

As usual, the King was in a jovial spirit and said a few things to the public followed by Victoria thanking the public once again. 

The family spent time greeting the public and accepting gifts on the Crown Princess' behalf. 

Princess Estelle was there charming the public as usual and Prince Oscar showed his walking skills by walking away from the family while they were posing for a picture. 

Afterwards the family had lunch together and will continue to spend time at Solliden for the rest of the summer holiday. For fashion, Crown Princess Victoria wore a new dress from Camilla Thulin which Expressen reported was made especially for her. However they do sell it in a darker blue color which you can see here. Her shoes are from H&M and and she wore an old pair of blue statement earrings. Her necklace featured a horseshoe which may be from Sophie by Sophie- I haven't had time to investigate that quite yet. 

Princess Estelle wore a new smocked dress which Princess Estelle Attire and I have a lead on but we are waiting on a response from the company to confirm it is theirs. Prince Oscar wore a pair of blue coveralls which we have not been able to find yet. Queen Silvia looked FABULOUS in a white dress with a new blue sweater with white trim. I am going to go and try to find the sweater now and as always, this post will be updated if we uncover more identifications. 

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Updated: Happy Birthday Victoria!

Updated: Happy Birthday Victoria!