Social Media Friday: Madeleine at Solliden

Since the royal has family has been enjoying a much deserved holiday, there has not been too much to post about! The family has been enjoying time together as Solliden, their summer paradise. This week the King took Prince Carl Philip, Prince Daniel, Chris O'Neill, and Estelle and Oscar out on his boat around Borgholm. (See more here at Expressen) Prince Carl Philip was seen cycling with their dog Siri and Alexander's nanny earlier this week as well. (See more here

Today, Princess Madeleine was seen playing with Prince Nicolas at the playground. 

While the photo is not of great quality, it looks like Princess Madeleine is wearing her Tabitha Simmons embroidered canvas shoes. 

Princess Sofia is the only member of the Royal Family not to be at Solliden currently, as she is in Gothenburg watching Project Playground compete in the Gothia Cup. This photo was shared of the team with some of the supporters at their first game. While Princess Sofia isn't in the photo- I do spot her sister Lina Frejd- do you?! 

Sofia can be seen around the 1:30 minute mark of this video slideshow of the 2nd day of games.