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Happy Summer from the Swedes!

Today, the royal family released a new photo of the entire family taken on July 15th. The photo taken by one of the courts beloved photographers, Jonas Ekströmer shows the family sitting on a bench outside of Solliden Palace in Öland. 



The family looks very nice matching in light blues and summer pastels. Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia opted to match each other in light pastel pink. You may recall that last year the family also released a summer photo taken around the same time (possibly the same date, if my memory serves correctly). I guess we should start this post of fashion IDs from oldest to youngest of the family groups. 

Crown Princess Victoria is wearing the same Camilla Thulin blue Ravenna dress seen for her Birthday celebrations outside of Solliden with her H&M sandals. She is wearing her horseshoe necklace and old blue statement earrings. Prince Oscar is wearing a blue overall set (maybe an old family piece perhaps?) with a Trotters white body and his blue Gallucci laceup shoes and Princess Estelle is wearing the same dress she wore for the birthday celebrations with dark blue flats. 

Princess Sofia is wearing a leaf patterned summer dress from ASOS Maternity. Unfortunately her shoes are unable to be seen in this photo due to being behind the blanket. Prince Alexander is wearing a blue top. Princess Madeleine is wearing what appears to be her Valentino skirt first seen last year at a meeting for her patronage, Min Stora Dag, and her Valentino wedges. Princess Leonore is wearing a blue smocked dress with what appear to be Pretty Ballerina Hannah flats in blue. Prince Nicolas is wearing a blue Bonpoint top and white Trotters shorts with his Hampton Classic navy blue shoes. 

What did you think of this picture? Were you expecting it? 

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