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Exclusive! The Royal Couple and Princess Madeleine meet up in New York City

Last weekend, amid their busy schedule, the King and Queen of Sweden found time to slip away for their official engagements in New York, to attend the 70th Birthday party of their personal friend Lena Kaplan. While it was reported that there was not enough time in the schedule for the King and Queen to go to Florida, we can reveal that Princess Madeleine met the couple at the party in New York City.

Lena Kaplan was born in Sweden but has lived in the United States since she was a teenager. Her father, Gunnar Björck, was King Gustaf VI Adolf’s personal doctor. Lena married American entrepreneur Gilbert Kaplan in 1970 and began SVEA “an organization aimed at helping Swedish women stay in touch with their cultural roots through events and other traditions”. Lena also has been on boards of numerous charities and Swedish-American Organizations. Somewhere through all of this she became one of Queen Silvia’s closest friends. Lena is currently Vice-Chair of Childhood USA.

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It is often been reported that if the Queen goes to New York City alone, without the King, she stays with Lena at her apartment on 5th Avenue. Lena also became close to Princess Madeleine and was a great support system when the Princess moved to New York City in 2009. Lena has been a fixture at all memorable events relating to the Royal Family, attending all three of the children’s weddings as well as numerous christening and birthday parties.

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Her 70th Birthday was celebrated with a party thrown by her four children at the Rainbow Room in New York City. The party included countless friends arriving from around the world, live music, and plenty of dancing all around. Lena’s grandchildren surprised her with a choreographed dance number to ABBA’s Dancing Queen and there were speeches given by her various family members.


Princess Madeleine commented (using her previously reported Private Instagram Account) confirming her attendance at the event and other guests snaps of the party reveal the family’s attendance as well. It is unknown if Chris O’Neill was also in attendance at the time this post was written.


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