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Attendance at the Swedish Academy

Last evening, the Swedish Royal Family, in smaller number than usual, attended the annual meeting of the Swedish Academy. This is normally the family’s last event before heading into their own private Christmas Vacation and celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.

Normally we see the entire family (King, Queen, Crown Princess Couple, Prince Couple, and Princess Couple) attend the Annual Meeting, however this year it was just the King, Queen, and Crown Princess Couple. When we asked the Court about this, we were informed it was the King’s decision. The court has also hinted that the King made this choice as a result of his displeasure with the various events which have surrounded the Academy this year.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a dark navy blue outfit almost identical to her red outfit from the same event in 2014. Her jacket (both then and now) is Greta’s Stella Jacket. The tulle skirt/gown is not from Greta and remains a mystery. In 2014 I suspected Ida Sjöstedt but I no longer believe that to be the designer, I think the designer is more likely to be Pär Engsheden. She carried her Alexander McQueen clutch and wore simple jewels. I did spot her Ebba Brahe 3 Star Bracelet on one photo- but that was the only bracelet that I could distinguish from the limited photos shared from this event.

Queen Silvia wore her Armani Collezioni Jacket over a long black skirt. She wore a dark pearl necklace and dark accessories.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Christmas Greeting from Haga