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Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Fashion in Review

Normally I share my data about the Swedish Royal Family’s Work Trends and Fashion Spending in one post- but this year I got a little carried away with all the data and graphs and decided to break it into 2 posts. So here is part 2 of our 2018 in Review series. If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE. 

This year, the Swedish Royal Family really took to heart championing Scandinavian (mostly Swedish) Designers. A total of 70%  of the identified pieces (155 out of 222) were of Scandinavian Design. Each time they wore something new this year, we were always stretched to search harder to find these designers, because there were many new-to-us designers! The graphic below shows the 30 most used designers for the 2018 year. (It is interactive so click around to find out how many new pieces from each brand were worn!)

If you will excuse my soap box for a moment- This is exactly why I wish the Royal Court would be willing to discuss fashion and clothing more willingly with those of us looking to report on it. The family could do so much for these new Scandinavian designers if the Court announced that they were being worn- the family has a collective of about 70 new pieces that we still have not managed to identify this year and I am sure that many of them come from Scandinavian designers. Nevertheless, I digress, and will get off my soapbox now. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 8.12.46 PM.png

Crown Princess Victoria

Number of Pieces Debuted: 133
Number of Pieces Identified: 108
Number Remaining Unidentified: 57
Percentage Identified from Scandinavian Designers: 84%

Crown Princess Victoria had her busiest year in the past 5 years, with 12 international trips and plenty of engagements at home in Sweden. This year also saw plenty of new pant suits and pussy bow blouses for the Crown Princess. She continues to favor Swedish brands and focus on sustainable fashion choices- even rewearing her mother’s Nobel Gown from 20+ years ago! With these conscious choices, her total came to 426,729 SEK ($47,127 USD). Her splurge purchase of the year was her Jenny Packham Peach gown worn to a wedding in the spring. She debuted a few other gowns during the year which would add to her total but they were either custom or remain unidentified (I suspect most of them to be from Pär Engsheden) so they are not included in the tally.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 8.11.17 PM.png

Princess Sofia

Number of Pieces Debuted: 118
Number of Pieces Identified: 84
Number Remaining Unidentified: 34
Percentage Identified from Scandinavian Designers: 68%

Princess Sofia had a busy year of keeping up with her two children while attending regular engagements for her patronages. This year, with her husband Prince Carl Philip, the couple released their own Instagram which documents many of the engagements and meetings that the couple undertake- including many which might not have previously been promoted by Kungahuset. With this, we have been able to include more events into our work data, however- this also meant we saw more pieces but had limited photos of these pieces. With all this taken into account Princess Sofia’s tally came to 299,426 SEK ($33,049 USD). Princess Sofia debuted many pieces of new jewelry this year, many of which was custom made and therefore we do not have price for. Her priciest ready-to-wear piece was a pair of earrings from Drakenberg Sjölin costing just a little over $2,700 USD (24,990 SEK).

Princess Madeleine

Number of Pieces Debuted: 39
Number of Pieces Identified: 30
Number Remaining Unidentified: 9
Percentage Identified from Scandinavian Designers: 20%

Princess Madeleine spent much of the year out of the public eye, giving birth to her second daughter in March and then relocating her family to Florida in August. With these adjustments in family life, Princess Madeleine was not seen very often in an official capacity. She also created a Public Instagram which she has shared some family and work milestones on during the year. During the few occasions that we got to see her (social media and paparazzi photos included) her clothing tally came to 258,308 SEK ($28,493 USD). Her most expensive piece for the year were a pair of earrings from Ole Lynggaard which were worn by all the bridesmaids in Louise ‘Lussan’ Gottlieb’s wedding in June. These earrings are equivalent to almost 1/2 of her total for the year and therefore inflate her numbers significantly. While Princess Madeleine does tend to favor luxury designers like Valentino and Giambattista Valli, she also has a good number of High Street brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Street Level in her new acquisitions this year.


If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit me and link back to my original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send me an email

Crown Princess Victoria attends Day 1 of People and Defense National Conference

Crown Princess Victoria attends Day 1 of People and Defense National Conference

Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Work in Review

Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Work in Review