Crown Princess Victoria attends Day 1 of People and Defense National Conference

Crown Princess Victoria joined her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, today (13 January) for the People and Defense National Conference (Folk och Försvars rikskonferens). By my research, this is the first time the Crown Princess has attended the National Conference. She has in the past attended conferences held at People and Defense’s location in Stockholm, but never the National Conference- which this year is held Högfjällshotellet in Sälen.

This annual conference brings together about 350 participants and hosts 50-60 different speakers for 3 days of discussion, debate, and sharing of knowledge on the world’s security. The focus of the conference is the world's security, Sweden's defense, people's security and society's emergency preparedness.


The conference holds meetings between politicians, those active within organizations in civil society - including youth organizations - and representatives of trade unions, business and government. In addition, to these participants, the conference boasts a growing pool of media coverage. The entire conference is showed as a webcast which can be watched live and streamed afterwards.


The King and Crown Princess are scheduled to attend the first two days of the conference (today and tomorrow- January 14th).


Upon arrival the Crown Princess wore a blue puffer coat which we have seen multiple times before (but with no identification), a black scarf (again old but not identified), and her Inukki boots. Once inside the conference she took off her puffer coat and we could see her blue Rodebjer blazer with a black v-neck shirt underneath. She carried her Christina Christersdotter bag and on her feet were af Klingberg boots. One interesting thing to note is that upon arrival at the conference she was seen wearing a matching set of Linda Fallenius orchid earrings and necklace however once inside the necklace was removed. This is the first time we have seen her wear the matching necklace so it is a shame that we did not get better photos of it.