Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice

Leonore and Nicolas welcoming their little sister home ❤️

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Yesterday, King Carl XVI Gustaf announced that Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's newest daughter would be called Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice, Duchess of Blekinge. The name was a real surprise to everyone. No one predicted a Princess Adrienne! Adrienne is actually a Bernadotte family name. Empress Josephine (who married Napoleon- not the Queen Josephine of Sweden) great-great grandmother was Adrienne Dyel de Graville (making her the 11th Great-Grandmother of the youngest generation of Bernadottes). The name Josephine while many think it is a connection to Princess Madeleine's 4th name and her ancestry- they selected it because it was actually Chris O'Neill's grandmother's name. Finally Alice, is a tribute to Princess Madeleine's grandmother, Queen Silvia's mother- Alice Sommerlath.

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Princess Adrienne is the first duchess of Blekinge. Blekinge, located in southern Sweden, is the second smallest province in the country. During the press conferences given today, we also learned that Princess Adrienne has more dark hair than of her other siblings had and really does not look like like Princess Leonore or Prince Nicolas. Prime Minister Löfven described her as "sötnos" which translates to "cutie pie".

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Princess Sofia, Prince Carl Philip, and Chris O'Neill joined the King and Queen in attending the Te Deum held after the Council which announced the name and duchy. Yesterday was also Crown Princess Victoria's name day which has its own celebration in the courtyard. Due to the Te Deum and Council- those events were pushed by a couple of ours into the afternoon.

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Crown Princess Victoria attended the indoor events wearing her purple Tara Jarmon skirt suit which she paired with a new Nellie blouse from Greta. She carried her Quidam clutch and wore her Rizzo pumps. She wore small purple earrings to compliment the look. When she went outside to the courtyard, she changed into her favorite (ufo) black boots and put on her Ida Sjöstedt Jules coat in black.

Princess Sofia wore a new jacket (and likely dress) from Veronica Virta which she paired with one of her pairs of black Stinaa.J pumps. I cannot see a good photo of her clutch to know if it is a new or old and what brand it is.

Princess Estelle wore her Aletta coat with Pom d'Api mary jane shoes. When going outside to the courtyard, she added a fur collar and hat from Alline Stockholm (in contact with the brand in hopes of getting photos to share with you) and changed into her Pom d'Api fur trimmed boots.