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Happy Birthday Victoria!

Well, it is one of my favorite days of the year- Victoriadagen! This year, Crown Princess Victoria is celebrating her 41st birthday and it is the 40th official Victoriadagen held in Solliden.

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This morning, the Crown Princess was joined by her family and her parents to greet people who gathered to offer her birthday wishes outside of Solliden Palace in Borgholm. 

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The adults spent over two hours greeting everyone who had come to the park, the kids got a little bored and were seen playing around the garden. (check out Prince Oscar playing with this German ball) 

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Princess Estelle charmed the crowd as usual - and it appears she received a gift as well, a hair band! 

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Crown Princess Victoria debuted a new floral dress from Zadig et Voltaire- thanks Expressen for finding this! She paired it with her H&M Silver Ruffle Sandals from last year and her normal armful of bracelets (Check out our Instagram Story if you want the details on them!)

Princess Estelle wore a new striped dress with her Kreuger Jewelery gold butterfly necklace. Prince Oscar wore his Aletta Set with his Gold Adidas Stan Smith shoes

We will see the entire family later this evening for the annual concert. When that event happens, we will post again! 

Victoriadagen Concert in Borgholm

Crown Princess Victoria attends the Ocean Summit