Visit to Helsingborg

Today, the Crown Princess is visiting Helsingborg City to visit various organizations with a general theme of Sustainability.  

Pelle T Nilsson /SPA

Pelle T Nilsson /SPA

The first stop on her trip was a visit to the City’s Development Project- DrottningH. DrottningH is the city’s joint project that has the aim of jointly developing a million-program district into an integrated and sustainable part of the city. The unique part of this project is that it is not just city administrators and cooperations working on it- but rather it is a collaboration across many different inhabitants of the district. City Administrators, Cooperations, Local Businesses, and residents of the district are working together in order for this project to take a holistic approach to both social and structural issues. The project has been met by great interest already and the city’s housing company has received Årets Boris 2018 from Boinstituet for their work in showing the importance of dialogue and involvement. The aim of this project is that all residents can participate and create a city- “a Helsingborg for all”. 

After that visit she had lunch at Sofiero Castle at the invitation of the City of Helsingborg. The city invited entrepreneurs working in Helsingborg in the environmental and sustainability field. A big topic of discussion was the city’s quality of life program which focuses on the public health and the environment. This program is and will be the city’s priorities from 2016 until 2024. Another topic of discussion was Helsingborg’s city fair H22. This fair will be held for 35 days in June and July 2022. Participants from all over the world will be able to experience the city and participate in dialogue about the future of urban development. There will be 3 physical areas showcased during the fair: The Ocean Harbor, Drottninghög, and SeaU. I would not be surprised if we saw Crown Princess Victoria return in 2022 to attend the CityFair as its focus aligns with her many missions and focus areas. 

After lunch, the Crown Princess and entourage took a tour of the castle and was shown “Sofias bro” (Sofia’s Bridge” which was inaugurated this past Spring. The bridge was placed over King Gustaf VI Adolf’s and Princess Margareta’s famous rhododendron ravine. This was an idea that Queen Sofia had over 150 years ago and it finally became reality in 2018. The city also showed the Crown Princess Both the playhouses and Prince Oscar Sagoskog. 

The final stop of the day was a visit to NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) . NSR is a non-traditional municipal sanitation company owned by 6 northwestern municipalities. Unlike traditional waste management companies- NSR begins by proactively ensuring that materials that come into the city is reusable or recyclable. Among many things that NSR highlighted to the Crown Princess about their work was their fossil-free plastic and their world-unique “On Demand Garbage Collection”. This system means that waste is only collected when the ustomer considers that the vessel needs to be emptied. 

For this visit, Crown Princess Victoria wore her Dagmar Blue Velvet Blazer and Gant striped shirt. To keep warm she debuted a navy overcoat (first seen in December). She carried her blue Valentino Rockstud bag and wore black platform boots from Acne (first seen in New York City in 2013).  On her wrist we spotted her Sophie by Sophie Heart Bracelets and 3 Bracelets from Ebba Brahe: 3 Star Bracelet, Bridge Bracelet, and Eyes Wide Open Bracelet.