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Christmas Greeting from Haga

This morning, the Court released the Crown Princess Family’s Annual Christmas Video. This video, shot earlier this month at Haga Palace, features the family of 4 making decorations for their house.

The Swedes never disappoint to share videos and photos full of “normal” family dynamics and cute moments. This year’s video features both children singing traditional Swedish Christmas Songs- including one of my favorites- Tre Pepparkaksgubbar!

For this video we can see the family dressed in casual and cozy clothing. Crown Princess Victoria wears a sweater from Filippa K, first seen at a Hockey Match in Ocklebo earlier this year. Princess Estelle looks sweet in a dress from Bonpoint. (Thanks Mode för de Små)

Are you curious what they were saying in the video? Check out the translation on our sister site: UFO No More.

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