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Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Work in Review

Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Work in Review

Normally I share my data about the Swedish Royal Family’s Work Trends and Fashion Spending in one post- but this year I got a little carried away with all the data and graphs and decided to break it into 2 posts. So here is part 1 of our 2018 in Review series. Part 2 will come out on January 1st at 10 EST and will be an analysis of fashion debuted this year.

Gott Nytt År (Happy New Year)! What a year 2018 was, for me personally as well as for the Swedish Royal Family. While I graduated from college and began teaching full time (hence my absence for most of the year)- the Swedish Family saw milestones of their own this year. With the birth of Princess Adrienne in March, the 200th Anniversary of the Bernadotte Dynasty, and the Queen celebrating her 75th Birthday just a few days ago, it has been a busy year for the family personally.

In their professional context, the family has not let their growing number of grandchildren or aging slow them down! As I have done for the past 2 years now (2016 / 2017 ), I sat down with my calendars and color coded pens in order to figure out how many days the family worked this year. These numbers reflect the number of days that an announced event is written on the Court’s Calendar, events not on the calendar but articles were written about on the Court’s website, events from the various Social Media accounts used by the family, and their various organization’s social media accounts. Multiple events in a single day is calculated as one day and not per event.

Looking at these numbers every year, I gain a growing amount of respect and admiration for the family, especially the King and Queen. Looking at the numbers, one might think (and I have seen it written) that they should work more and they should be seen more. However, one must think about all the work that is done behind the scenes and realize that what we see is probably only a quarter of the work they actually do. I think many have this false idea that all they have to do is show up for an event and that is the only work they do individually. Each event must be prepared for- from the early days of accepting what to attend, then researching and learning who they will meet, and becoming knowledgable about all the moving parts of the event, next comes the speech writing and the attendance of the event. While they do have secretaries who help them gather the information, it is up to the individual family members to learn the information and retain it so that when they are at the event they are prepared to engage with the hosts. Princess Sofia did a wonderful job of addressing what the work is like in her coverage on Året Med Kungafamiljen from SVT.

For the year of 2018, someone in the family had a publicly announced event a total of 219 days of the year. That is 60% of the days in 2018. Publicly working 148 days during the 2018 calendar year, the King worked the most days this year for the family and that has been the case for the past 8 years. The Queen normally works an average of 134 days a year (her average for the past 7 years) but this year she worked 114 days. I suspect if she had been able to attend her scheduled trip to the Olympics with the King, her numbers would have remained closer to her average.

2015-2018: Kungaparet

The Crown Princess worked 129 days in 2018, which is slightly higher than her average in years where she has not given birth. This year we saw the Crown Princess take on a few more international trips, some of which she did solo and some of which she and Prince Daniel took on together. Prince Daniel worked less days than last year, however it was still higher than his average number of days for the past 2 years. It is also important to note that many of Prince Daniel’s events with his namesake organizations, are often left off the Court’s calendar. I have tried to account for these work events by searching the various organizations (Gen Pep and Prins Daniels Fellowship) social media accounts- however I am sure there are many which he attended that did not get included in this tally.

2015-2018: Kronprinsessparet

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Princess Madeleine also had a busy year, both in work and in family. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia increased their work events and began sharing more “behind-the-scenes” snippits of their work on their Instagram. Princess Madeleine gave birth to Princess Adrienne and moved with her family to Florida. She continues to work with Childhood and in the new year more information will be released about a book project she has been working on. She also created a public Instagram account this year which has mainly shared snippets of her family life but has also highlighted her various assignments with Childhood.

2015-2018: Prinsparet & Prinsessan Madeleine

The family, in total, visited 19 different countries in their public missions, spending the most time in South Korea (when the King and Crown Princess went to the Olympics). Another highly visited country for public engagements was the United States. The King, Queen, Crown Princess, and Princess Madeleine all attended official engagements in the USA and all visited the UN. The Queen was the only member to visit the same country twice this year as she made 2 separate trips to the United States. In total, the family spent 55 days of the year representing Sweden internationally.

Number of Trips Abroad

It has been a busy year for everyone, with new babies, moving across the world, and anniversaries- there has been a lot of changes for the family! It makes me wonder what 2019 will hold!

Are you curious how these numbers look in comparison to their Danish Counterparts? Click here!

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Swedish Royal Family: 2018 Fashion in Review

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!