Temporary Hiatus: Extended

Dearest Readers and Friends,

I am sure you have all noticed that so far this year, I have been slow to post and not doing it as frequently. Much to my disappointment, my "real life" does not afford me with the luxury of having free time to relax and therefore to write on this website. The Swedes have also had a slow start to the year, which has been a great benefit to me, but as things are starting to pick up I wanted to let you know that I will be back- no worries! For the few week I will officially be taking a temporary hiatus until I reach the end of the craziest weeks of my academic year. After this time, I hope to update the website with everything I have missed and come up with a plan on how I will cover the rest of my academic year. I keep trying to do it all (work 20 hours a week, be a full time student, deal with a chronic syndrome, and be there for my family and friends) but as much as I think I am, I am apparently not Superwomen. Nevertheless, I will continue to work my hardest to become her! 

I continue to appreciate all your support and I do continue to check and interact with you on Twitter and Facebook even if I may be slower to respond. (In other words- please don't leave or hate me for not being as quick as I would like to be!) 

See you in a bit!

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Day 1 : State Visit from Canada

Yesterday, the Governor-General of Canada, David Johnston, and his wife, Sharon, started a 2 day visit to Sweden. They were welcome in the morning at the Royal Palace by the Royal Family. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel won't take part in the visit as they are currently traveling abroad with Estelle and Oscar. Chris O'Neill is taking part in his first state visit.

Photo: Kungahuset.se

Photo: Kungahuset.se

After a day of events, the royal family hosted a gala dinner for the couple. 

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For the official welcome, Princess Sofia wore a new Agnona dress (thanks to Laura) with a new Salvatore Ferragamo bag and new suede pumps. Princess Madeleine wore the Giambattista Valli dress she wore for the King's birthday celebrations last year with her Gianvito Rossi velvet pumps and a new Valentino bag.

For the gala dinner, Princess Sofia wore a new blue beaded gown with a new clutch. The post will be updated once we'll have a confirmation of the designer. Princess Madeleine wore a new Temperley London gown with her Jimmy Choo clutch.

Princess Madeleine at London's Southbank Center

*I know I haven't written a post for Sofia's engagements a few weeks ago-- They are coming. Trust me if you saw my schedule this year, you would understand why! It is coming and I haven't forgotten about you all!*

Today, Princess Madeleine became the second Swedish Princess to begin official duties again. She had the opportunity to visit the newly opened Swedish concept library Room for Children at the Southbank Center in London.

This new library will stay open through 2017 as apart of the ongoing Nordic art and culture festival Nordic Matters. This concept library is full of books by famous Nordic authors such as Elsa Beskow, Thorbjørn Egner, and Crown Princess Victoria's favorite, Astrid Lindgren. While most of the books are in English, there is also a collection of books in various Nordic languages. 

Room for Children was the brainchild of the Swedish Institute and Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern Stockholm.  It was built together with the Poetry Library and Embassy of Sweden in London, with the assistance of the Nordic Embassies and Representations in London, UK and Swedish publishers as well as Ikea. Their hope is to encourage children ages 0-10 to read and discover. 

For this visit, Madeleine wore a new top from Vilshenko (a combination of the two tops below) and her Miu Miu boots first seen in Stockholm a couple weeks ago. Her new black pleated skirt is by Valentino . Her clutch is new and comes from the brand SAVAS- we cannot seem to find it in white, so if you find a picture, please send it to us! . 

New Photo: Farewell at the Palace

While doing my regular Social Media searching, I came across this undated photo of the royal family saying farewell to one of their employees who was leaving his work at the Palace. 

Photo: From the Facebook of E. Maenpaa

Photo: From the Facebook of E. Maenpaa

Apparently, Christopher (the man next to the Queen) had worked at the palace for sometime and on his last day, the royal family gathered and gave him a farewell gift of a set of cufflinks engraved with the Royal Seal. This photo was shared by one of Christopher's relatives online. I would love to hear your thoughts on if you think this photo (posted on January 27th) was taken before Christmas or after. 

In this photo, Crown Princess Victoria is wearing her red Prada dress with Sophie by Sophie heart necklace and Acne pumps. Princess Sofia is wearing Rodebjer pumps, a new dress from COS (Thanks Laura!), and Bow Label Tile earrings

The Swedes are certainly taking a slow start this year with all members of the family having been on at least one vacation out of the country already. Sofia, Carl Philip, and Alexander were seen in South Africa (likely visiting Project Playground) and Victoria, Daniel and the kids were reported to have gone to the United States (Spoiler- they did NOT visit me, much to my disappointment). Madeleine and her family along with the King and Queen went skiing in the Swiss Alps shortly after the New Year. The first announced engagement for one of the children will take place this week at the Royal Palace when Sofia and Carl Philip hold a board meeting for their Prince Couple Foundation. 

2016 Comes to a Close!

Happy New Year / Gott Nytt År! 

Photo: Kungahuset.se

Photo: Kungahuset.se

In honor of the New Year, the Royal Family shared a photo of the entire family which was taken in July at Solliden Slott in Öland. It is always a good day when we get a photo of the entire family and this photo did not disappoint! 

Unfortunately there are not too many identifications for the leading ladies in our picture but we do have quite a few for the children! Princess Sofia wore a new dress from Topshop Unique which was exclusively sold at Net-a-Porter. Crown Princess Victoria wore a dress she was first photographed wearing at Alexander's Christening rehearsal which comes from Zadig and Voltaire, her earrings are from Dulong Jewelry. Princess Madeleine wore a new blue dress (that I have decided should find its way to my closet) and Valentino Sandals

Starting from left to right, Princess Leonore wore a dress from the British retailers Trotters and her Pretty Ballerina ballet flats. Prince Nicolas is wearing the same (unidentified) outfit he wore during the 15 July photoshoot with his Ralph Lauren shoes. Prince Oscar is also wearing the same knit bodysuit that he wore during the photoshoot and is wearing Pomp d'Api shoes. Princess Estelle is wearing her Charabia Paris lace Tina dress from their SS14 collection. Finally Prince Alexander wore a bodysuit from the Swedish brand, How to Kiss a Frog. Huge thanks to @Modefördasmå and Princess Estelle's Attire for finding all these! 

This year was a very exciting one- both for the royals and for us here at The Royals and I. We purchased out own domain and rebuilt our website- in addition we also launched UFO No More. The entire Swedish Royal Family worked 222 days out of the 366 days this year- that we know of. Their busiest month was October where someone worked 27 days out of the 31 days in that month. I have included my table of days below. I think it is important to note that the family does a lot of work outside of their public appearances that we are not aware of and often they do more than one engagement a day. 

(Known) Days Worked in 2016

(Known) Days Worked in 2016

In addition to calculating the number of days worked by the family, I was curious about the money spent on clothes this year for the entire family. This is a fashion blog so it makes sense to share that information with you all. It is important to note that there are still many unidentified pieces from all three of the adult princesses and custom pieces that we do not know the prices of. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.50.07 PM.png

These numbers reflect not only official engagements but also paparazzi sightings, "fan" photos, and social media pictures. The unknown pieces are not counted in the number of new pieces at the end of the totals.