End of the Week Recap

After Crown Princess Victoria's engagements at the beginning of the week, things went quiet- however this evening while doing some Social Media Searching I stumbled upon a picture from a meeting she had on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, she had a meeting with the Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation. This Foundation, which Victoria chairs, supports objectives relating to voluntary defense work around Sweden. Typically because these meetings are held within the Palace walls, they are the only ones who release photos and sadly this time they didn't. However, one of the attendees posted a photo!

Photo posted on Facebook by FVRF Väst

Photo posted on Facebook by FVRF Väst

The lady with Victoria is Ulrika Leijon who was presented Crown Princess Margareta silver medal after the meeting. While I do not know what brands Victoria is wearing, I really like this outfit! All the pieces are old but unidentified. 

On Thursday of this week, the first of a two part documentary with exclusive interview with the Crown Princess was released. Ebba Kleberg von Sydow met Victoria at Haga Palace and got exclusive access. This documentary, Kronprinsessan Victoria 40 år will be online for another few weeks and I highly recommend you watch, even if you do not speak Swedish. I haven't had time to put together a translation yet- but when I do or if someone does quicker than I- I will make sure to share it with you all! The second part of the documentary will be released on the 1st of June. 

Photo: Peter Knutson / TV4

Photo: Peter Knutson / TV4

In the two photos released for the documentary, you can see that Victoria is wearing the new Bessy Jacket from Baum und Pferdgarten and top is a new addition to her closet. It is Rodebjer's Xilla Silk Blouse in a light pink. Her pants are and older pair from By Malina (no longer avaliable) and her boots are her Taupe Rakel boots from af Klingberg

Next week, the first half of the week will be busy for the Royal Family. The Crown Prince Couple are hosting Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary from Denmark for the first half of the week. I can only imagine how much the two families are looking forward to this visit, as not only are the Crown Prince and Victoria cousins, they are also very close. Rumor has it that Princess Estelle's middle name 'Mary' was selected after Crown Princess Mary. 

Monday Catch Up

I'm back! And just in time as we got a surprise photo opportunity for two of the 5 grandchildren this morning! Yesterday, Tre Kronor (Sweden's Hockey Team) won the Ice Hockey World Championships for the 10th time. The team was invited to the Palace to meet with the Crown Princess Couple and Prince Carl Philip. Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar also joined the couple! 

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In the evening, Victoria attended the annual meeting of the Friends of the Nordic Museum and Skansen in Stockholm. Victoria has been their patron since 1997 and tries attend their annual meeting each year. 

Yesterday, the King and Queen visited the National Museum in Indonesia before beginning the official state visit today. 

Today Crown Princess Victoria wore a black shirt (which I believe is an old H&M piece- possibly custom made for her) and her H&M floral skirt. She paired this with black pumps and Maria Nilsdotter Feather Earrings. She added her red Rizzo Porza Crossbody when attending the annual meeting in the evening. 

Princess Estelle wore a new pink Duchesse dress from Bonpoint (thanks to Princess Estelle Attire for finding this!) and Prince Oscar was most likely wearing the same jersey that Estelle wore in 2013 when the Tre Kronor won the championships last. This jersey was a gift when Victoria was pregnant with Estelle in 2012 (when the team won the championships). His shoes are a white version of these Kavat Edsbro XC which we have seen on Estelle before. Estelle's shoes look to be a pair of Livly Mary Jane shoes. 

Finally for this Monday Wrap-Up I get to do one of my favorite things: Give you a fashion identification for Queen Silvia! Unfortunately the Queen's clothing is very difficult to find so it is not often that I get to share a find with you all but I did manage to find her shirt from the National Museum visit. The shirt comes from Etro and is their Silk Wildlife-Print Button-Up Shirt.

This post marks my return to blogging! I was planning on coming back last week but as some of you know, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly (at least to me) last week so I have taken the week to be with family. I plan to go back and post on some of the events I have missed on days that the royal family has no events planned to stay tuned for those! 

Quick Check In / Social Media Monday

Well folks- if any of you have stuck around during my VERY long hiatus, I am beyond grateful for you. This year was very challenging academically and I need to come up with a system to help prepare me for next year. Anyway, tomorrow marks the end of my academic year so after I catch up on sleep- I will be back! For now I leave you with this Social Media find.

Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria were spotted dancing at Tak Stockholm on Sunday evening at a Birthday Party for their friend Leonie Persson. 

Grattis på Födelsedagen Kungen!

Happy 71st Birthday to King Carl XVI Gustaf! 

This post will be short because I am swamped with school and responsibilities- but I couldn't let the day go by without properly acknowledging the King's Birthday! All of the Stockholm-based Immediate Royal Family were in attendance at the celebration. Estelle danced from the window, Victoria kissed Oscar a couple hundred times (and who can blame her!), and Carl Gustaf taught a whole line of kids how to shake hands! It was a great day! 

Here is the quick fashion recap: Victoria wore a new coat from Acne Studios, Ralph Lauren Dress, and Acne Pumps. Sofia wore her Max Mara jacket from 2015, Estelle wore one of Victoria's old dresses, and Oscar wore his Marie Chantal wool jacket. and Beewise knit hat. 

Days 1-3 Tokyo Visit Recap

Crown Princess Victoria is currently undertaking a 4 day visit to Tokyo to attend sessions on Sustainability. She is also attending follow up sessions of the Keystone Dialogues which she attended and is Patron of in the Maldives last November.  

On Tuesday, after arriving at the hotel, Victoria changed and had the opportunity to meet with the Japanese Emperor and Empress. 

Following this, Victoria attended a briefing of Japan and sustainability at the Swedish Embassy. It was reported that Victoria was only scheduled to stay for an hour, but she stayed an upwards of 3 hours. 

In the evening, she attended a dinner at the Swedish Residence for the Japanese fishing companies and fishery experts who were in town for the seminars the following days. 

On Wednesday, Victoria began her day by visiting AEON, a Japanese supermarket, in order to hear about the efforts they have in place for sustainability. While on this visit, Victoria was given a mini set of chopsticks for each Oscar and Estelle

Photo: Kungahuset.se

Photo: Kungahuset.se

Following this visit, Victoria attended a Seminar on the UN Global Sustainability goals hosted and organized by the UN University in Tokyo. The theme of the seminar is to promote the UN's global sustainability goals with special focus on sustainable seas.

In the evening, Victoria attended a dinner hosted by Princess Takamado at the luxury restaurant Tofuya in central Tokyo. This was a private dinner although photographers were allowed to take photos of the arrival. 

The following day began with a visit the fish market Tsukiji Market. Tsukiji Market is the biggest wholesale market for seafood in the world and since this trip is focusing on fisheries and sustainable sea initiatives, it is a very obvious choice when planning the agenda. 

Following this, Victoria met the winners of the Swedish Embassy's contest on sustainable seas and had a real Swedish Fika with them. A Fika is the Swedish concept that every day you should take a few minutes to step back and have a break. Often Fika is synonymous with a coffee break but it really is the concept of intentionally taking a few minutes out of your day to step back from the busy go-go-go nature of life and catch your breath/catch up with a friend.

After this Fika, Victoria visited Hama Rikyu Gardens, a traditional Japanese garden. Hama Rikyu Gardens is located at Sumidaflodens mouth. The park is surronded by a moat filled with seawater and was made into a public park on the site where a house of samurai clan Tokugawa was in the 1600s.

Following this, Victoria attended a seminar, "Doing the Sustainable Business the Swedish Way" at the Swedish Embassy. The seminar will address the importance of sustainable business. Swedish companies talk about their CSR activities, followed by a panel discussion between Swedish and Japanese companies.

Finally, Victoria closed out the day by attending a reception at the Swedish residence for the participants at the seminar "Doing Sustainable Businesss the Swedish Way" and representatives of the Swedish business community in Japan.

As for fashion, let's break it down by days: (new pieces are in italics

Day 1:

Arrival at the hotel:
Greta Stockholm Alexandra Cashmere Jacket
Baum und Pferdgarten Mandisa Blouse
By Malina Shannon Trousers
Rizzo Azelia Pumps
Unidentified Bag

Meeting with the Emperor and Empress:
Elie Saab Cotton Blend Lace Dress
Gianvito Rossi 'Gianvito' pumps in Rose Pink Patent Leather
Lanvin for H&M Floral Brooch (worn in hair)
Elie Saab Gold Metal Clutch

Briefing at the Embassy:
H&M Conscious Collection Dress

Day 2:

AEON Visit:
Old Dress of Queen Silvia's from 1980's
Saint Laurent Suede Pointed Toe Pumps
Rizzo Porza Crossbody Bag