Gothia Cup 2017

As I wrote last evening, Princess Sofia has been attending Project Playground's games at Gothia Cup. Today the boys won their game making them Champions!  


I am away for a week without my computer so this screenshot of a victory post will have to do for now! As you can see, Princess Sofia was there with the fans to cheer them on and to celebrate their victory. (Beside her is the other co-founder, Frida Vesterberg) I also spot her in the bottom corner of this video.  


Again I apologize for the informality of this post but I'm in a car, typing on my phone so this is the best I can do for now! Nevertheless, Well Done Project Playground! 

Social Media Friday: Madeleine at Solliden

Since the royal has family has been enjoying a much deserved holiday, there has not been too much to post about! The family has been enjoying time together as Solliden, their summer paradise. This week the King took Prince Carl Philip, Prince Daniel, Chris O'Neill, and Estelle and Oscar out on his boat around Borgholm. (See more here at Expressen) Prince Carl Philip was seen cycling with their dog Siri and Alexander's nanny earlier this week as well. (See more here

Today, Princess Madeleine was seen playing with Prince Nicolas at the playground. 

While the photo is not of great quality, it looks like Princess Madeleine is wearing her Tabitha Simmons embroidered canvas shoes. 

Princess Sofia is the only member of the Royal Family not to be at Solliden currently, as she is in Gothenburg watching Project Playground compete in the Gothia Cup. This photo was shared of the team with some of the supporters at their first game. While Princess Sofia isn't in the photo- I do spot her sister Lina Frejd- do you?! 

Sofia can be seen around the 1:30 minute mark of this video slideshow of the 2nd day of games. 

Happy Birthday Victoria: Day 2!

This morning, the Crown Princess Family was joined by the King and Queen outside of Solliden Palace to greet the Public. This tradition of greeting the public began 35+ years ago and has grown ever since. 

As usual, the King was in a jovial spirit and said a few things to the public followed by Victoria thanking the public once again. 

The family spent time greeting the public and accepting gifts on the Crown Princess' behalf. 

Princess Estelle was there charming the public as usual and Prince Oscar showed his walking skills by walking away from the family while they were posing for a picture. 

Afterwards the family had lunch together and will continue to spend time at Solliden for the rest of the summer holiday. For fashion, Crown Princess Victoria wore a new dress from Camilla Thulin which Expressen reported was made especially for her. However they do sell it in a darker blue color which you can see here. Her shoes are from H&M and and she wore an old pair of blue statement earrings. Her necklace featured a horseshoe which may be from Sophie by Sophie- I haven't had time to investigate that quite yet. 

Princess Estelle wore a new smocked dress which Princess Estelle Attire and I have a lead on but we are waiting on a response from the company to confirm it is theirs. Prince Oscar wore a pair of blue coveralls which we have not been able to find yet. Queen Silvia looked FABULOUS in a white dress with a new blue sweater with white trim. I am going to go and try to find the sweater now and as always, this post will be updated if we uncover more identifications. 

Updated: Happy Birthday Victoria!

Well the long awaited day is here- it is Victoriadagen 2017! And this year is extra special as it is the Crown Princess's 40th Birthday. To mark the day, the family attended a Te Deum (Thanksgiving Service) at Stockholm Palace Church this morning afterwards a reception is being hosted at Logården. 

Following this reception there will be a cortege with the Crown Princess Family through the streets of Stockholm. In the evening the entire family will be in Öland for the annual Victoriadagen Concert. 

This morning at the Te Deum, the entire royal family (including all 5 grandchildren) were in attendance. First to arrive was Princess Madeleine and her family.

Behind them was Prince Carl Philip and his family. (no worries we will discuss this confusing outfit later)

Followed by the King and Queen who looked extremely happy on this occasion. 

And finally the star of the day, Crown Princess Victoria and her family. (Although some may beg to differ on who is this family of 4 is really the star of the show.... cough cough Estelle and Oscar cough cough...) 

Princess Madeleine wore a dress from Erdem and a coordinating Philip Treacy hat. Princess Marie of Denmark wore the exact same dress last month so this was a easy piece to identify! She wore new patent leather baby blue pumps, but we are waiting on better photos to confirm the designer. 

Princess Sofia carried her Dolce & Gabbana Mini Sicily Handbag and Crown Princess Victoria wore her white Gianvito Rossi PumpsUPDATE: According to Svenskdam, Crown Princess Victoria is wearing Pär Engsheden. This explains why we couldn't identify it! (He has no online presence and no means of contacting him available to the public). Princess Sofia's pumps are from her favorite brand, Stinaa.J and her dress comes from Ida Lanto. Ida Lanto seems to be her go-to, custom pregnancy dress designer. I emailed them this morning because I had a feeling that it came from them but they have jet to reply with any more details about it. 

Prince Oscar wore the same outfit that Prince Nicolas wore to Prince Oscar's christening- which just about confirms my theory that it is an old family piece, probably Prince Carl Philip's. 

Princess Leonore wore a dress from Marie-Chantal and Prince Alexander's vest and shorts come from Mayoral. (Thanks Princess Estelle's Attire and Mode För de Små) Prince Oscar and Prince Alexander's shoes come from Gallucci, the same style that we have seen Prince Nicolas wear to Prince Alexander's Christening.

Remember to check back later for more information, pictures, and identifications! While you wait, why don't you head over to our sister site and enter the awesome giveaway we have taking place! 

This evening the family attended the annual Victoriadagen concert in Öland. 

Everyone from Estelle and older were in attendance and the night was full of lots of sweet moments as well as a few that had the entire royal family laughing. 

You can watch the concert here and while you are at it- check out to the interview that the Crown Princess did as well. For fashion, we don't have as many outfits as we did this morning, so this shouldn't be too long! Princess Madeleine wore a new dress from Zimmermann with which she wore a new pair of earrings and pulled out her Valentino wedges. She was last seen wearing these wedges in the interview that she and Chris did at Solliden in July 2013. 

Princess Sofia wore a new dress that we have been desperately trying to find with no luck and wore the same Castaner wedges that she wore last Victoriadagen. I also spotted her wearing Gynning Design Petite Papillion necklace

Princess Estelle wore a light pink coat over a dress that used to belong to her mother and aunt (we've seen her in this dress a number of times). Her shoes as the same ones from Livly that she wore this morning. Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia wore the Öland Folk Dress, as they do every year on this occasion. Don't forget that we will be back tomorrow for the meet and greet at Solliden! Until then, I am going to catch up on some sleep and I leave you with this sweet photo of little Estelle and Victoria! 

Funeral for Alice Trolle Wachtmeister

Today the royal family is attending the private funeral service for longtime family friend and Royal Court employee Alice Trolle Wachtmeister. 

Alice passed away peacefully on 26 June peacefully at her home Trolle Ljungby Castle at the age of 91. She served in her roll as Mistress of the Robes, the highest female position in the Swedish Royal Court from 1994 until December 2015. Before this she served as First Lady of the Court and the head of the Queen's Household since 1978. In this role, she was one of the first, outside of the family, to see each of the newborn children.

She has been a close advisor and an invaluable friend of the family. Alice once said that she tried to leave her position as Mistress of the Robe multiple times, however the King refused to let her. He finally gave in 2015 when it became clear that due to her bone disease and age, she could not follow the family daily any longer. At that time she said that she would still be available by phone to offer advice and support to the royal family, which they took her up on many times. It is clear that the entire Royal Family held her in high regard and this is reflected in both the King and Crown Princess' statements released about her passing. 

It is with great sadness that I and Queen received the news. Alice was a very close friend to us and to our family. With its warmth, loyalty and wisdom she has always been a great support. Our thoughts are with her husband, Count Hans-Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister, and to their families.
— King Carl XVI Gustaf
As long as I can remember, Alice has been a support for my family and me personally. Alice was a rare intelligent and warm person that I’m glad I got to know. She leaves a big gap.
— Crown Princess Victoria

The funeral service was held today at 13:00 at Trolle Ljungby Church in Skåne. All the (adult) family members, except for Chris, were in attendance.  (Chris had some prearranged business meetings) The King and Queen left from Solliden via car this morning with Victoria and Daniel following not too far behind them. It is believed that Carl Philip, Sofia, and Madeleine came from Stockholm. Princess Benedikte of Denmark was also in attendance. 

For this funeral, Victoria rewore an Alberto Biani lace suit from his Spring 2005 collection. She carried an old clutch and used old black satin pumps. Madeleine and Sofia both opted for new black dresses, and a corresponding jacket for Madeleine. Madeleine carried her Marc Jacobs clutch with her Jimmy Choo pumps while Sofia used her black crocodile bag with Stinaa.J pumps.